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On Friday, March 11, 2022, Green Note Co., Ltd. (our company) announced “Certified Solution” in “SORACOM Partner Space” (SPS), a partner program of Soracom Co., Ltd. We would like to inform you that you have been selected and registered as a “partner”. Along with this, our representative Tateishi will give a lightning talk at the “SPS Partner General Meeting” to be held from 15:00 today, and we will explain business development etc. after receiving registration.

SPS Certified Partner Logo

What is an SPS certified solution partner

Solacom's services are available to anyone, but advanced knowledge and experience are required to achieve better usage and cost efficiency, and to use them as part of complex services. Therefore, the company expresses the ability of each company by selecting partners to the ranks of “Certified” and “SELECTED” by screening, and provides benefits according to each rank.

Certified partners and SELECTED partners are companies that meet certain requirements according to each category, such as the results of using the SORACOM platform. It is a company certified by our company as “good at building systems using platforms.”

SORACOM Partner Space

We are very honored to have been certified by Soracom that we are “good at building systems using the SORACOM platform.” There are only less than 50 companies certified as “SPS Certified Solution Partners”, including companies certified at the same time as our company, and we are overwhelmingly small among them, and we are overwhelmingly small companies with small sales related to Soracom. Nevertheless, we believe that the reason we were selected as a certified solution partner this time was not only because our technical capabilities were evaluated, but also because of the lightness of footwork unique to small companies. It's there.

What is possible by certification

Once we have been selected as a Certified Solution Partner, we will be able to use the Soracom Partnerspace logo (listed at the top of this article) for our own marketing. You will be able to receive the following support from the company.

Information posted on the Soracom partner introduction website Marketing and sales support for joint exhibition/sponsorship, etc. Support for press releases Sales in charge of sales and engineer assignments

By making full use of these supports, we will not only refine our technical capabilities more and more, but we will also accelerate the development of products, services, and solutions that can deliver value to more customers It's there. Several products are already on the development pipeline, and we will announce them sequentially when they are ready.

As a unique presence in the region

Until now, “SPS Certified Solution Partner” certified companies are concentrated in urban areas, and only a small number of companies are based in regional cities. In particular, there are no existing partner locations in Sagamihara City, Southern Tama (Inagi City, Tama City, Hachioji City, Machida City), and Northern Kawasaki (Asao Ward) where we are based (*), and our company is the only local company. Become an “SPS Certified Solution Partner”

In addition, we are good at supporting small customers by accompanying and supporting IoT/AI projects before they start, or rebuilding projects that have started but are getting stalled Yes, and this is also an area that is not very focused on existing “SPS Certified Solution Partners” (*).

We took the acquisition of this certification as one of the opportunities for IoT/AI projects in Sagamihara City, Southern Tama (Inagi City, Tama City, Hachioji City, Machida City), Northern Kawasaki (Asao Ward) and their neighborhoods “From before the start We will further strengthen support that leads to “assistance” for projects facing difficulties.

(*) Our research as of 2022/3/10

Please feel free to ask

Not only companies located in the above districts, but also customers who want to challenge the introduction of IoT and AI or data utilization, and customers who have tried to challenge but are worried that it will not lead to results, please contact us once .

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