English content/Japanese reading aloud is now supported

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In the recent world situation where diversity and diversity are becoming increasingly important, we occasionally receive inquiries from overseas. Also, for those who are easier to hear with their ears than to read and understand with their eyes, or those who have difficulty seeing with their eyes, it is certain that the field of activity will expand due to the development of fields such as AI and IoT that we target.

In response to this trend, we also prepared English content on the official website (this site) and responded to reading aloud in Japanese audio.

It is not displayed on the initial screen, but if you click the title and go to the article body, you should see a screen like this.

If you press the icon with the US and UK flags arranged, you can read the article translated into US English. You can also listen to the reading aloud in Japanese by pressing the play button. Both are implemented by AWS services (Translate, Polly) and are not necessarily accurate, but I decided to apply them because I thought it was important to start first.

Newly uploaded articles are already supported at the time of publication. We will continue to retroactively provide past articles. We will also optimize translation and reading quality sequentially to improve the quality.

Also, if you are interested in internationalization or voicing of your own site, please contact us. Even if the site is already built, it can be easily implemented if the technical conditions are met.


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